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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Factors Influencing the Consumer Tendency to Use Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM): A Mixed Method StudyCruz-Cárdenas, Jorge; Guadalupe-Lanas, Jorge; Ramos-Galarza, Carlos; Palacio-Fierro, Andrés
2022Income Tax for Microenterprises in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study on EcuadorParedes-Torres, Maribel; Cando-Zumba, Ana del Rocío; Varela-Aldás, José
2022Interactive Model of Executive Functions to Understand Error CorrectionRamos-Galarza, Carlos; Cruz-Cárdenas, Jorge; Ramos, Valentina
2022Despidatively aware of the pregnant woman, and her repression as a vulnerable group embeddedPavón Molestina, Ricardo; Rodríguez Salcedo, Eliana del Rocío
2022Ethnoichthyology and Ethnotaxonomy of the Kichwa Indigenous People of Arawanu (Arajuno), in the Ecuadorian AmazonTobes, Ibon; Carrillo-Moreno, Carolina; Guarderas-Flores, Lida; Jácome-Negrete, Iván; Velásquez-Cárdenas, Yetlanezi
2022Emotional intelligence, engagement and academic self-efficacy. Analysis mediation within Ecuadorian universitiesBonilla-Yucailla, Daniela; Balseca-Acosta, Adriana; Cárdenas-Pérez, María José; Moya-Ramírez, Diana
2022Habitat-linked genetic variation supports microgeographic adaptive divergence in an island-endemic bird speciesCheek, Rebecca; Forester, Brenna; Salermo, Patricia; Trumbo, Daryl; Langin, Kathryn; Chen, Nancy; Scott, Sillet; Morrison, Scott; Ghalambor, Cameron; Chris, Funk
2022Direct Color Observation of Light-Driven Molecular Conformation-Induced StressPujol-Vila, Ferran; Escudero, Pedro; Guell-Grau, Pau; Pascual-Izarra, Carlos; Villa, Rosa; Álvarez, Mar
2022Risk assessment of unlined oil pits leaking into groundwater in the Ecuadorian Amazon: A modified GIS-DRASTIC approachDurango-Cordero, Juan; Saqalli, M; Ferrant, S; Bonilla-Bedoya, Santiago; Maurice, L.; Arrellano, P.
2022Hunting alters viral transmission and evolution in a large carnivoreFountain-Jones, Nicholas; Kraberger, Simona; Gagne, Roderick; Gilbertson, Marie; Trumbo, Daryl; Charleston, Michael; Salermo, Patricia; Chris, Funk; Crooks, Kevin; Logan, Kenneth; Alldredge, Mathew; Dellicour, Simon