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    Title: Factors Influencing the Consumer Tendency to Use Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM): A Mixed Method Study
    Authors: Cruz-Cárdenas, Jorge
    Guadalupe-Lanas, Jorge
    Ramos-Galarza, Carlos
    Palacio-Fierro, Andrés
    Issue Date: 2022
    Publisher: Contemporary Economics. Volume 16, Issue 1, Pages 32 - 50
    Abstract: Mobile instant messaging (MIM) is currently one of the most influential areas of technology. MIM applications have experienced substantial growth in the number of users; however, research on consumer behavior regarding the use of these applications is relatively scarce. The present study seeks to fill this gap, with the objective of identifying, understanding, and establishing the determinants of MIM use. The current study takes place in Ecuador, a developing Latin American country, and focuses on WhatsApp, the leading MIM application. The study is based on a sequential exploratory mixed method design with 25 in-depth interviews and a subsequent survey of 504 adults. The qualitative phase allows the establishment of a qualitative theoretical model in which the core category studied to understand the tendency of people to use WhatsApp is the perception of its utility. The qualitative phase and a literature review are the basis for formulating the study hypotheses. Finally, the quantitative analysis, based on structural equation modeling, yields the conclusion that network externalities, perceived usefulness, and perceived ease of use are the constructs that explain the tendency of individuals to use WhatsApp.
    URI: https://www.econbiz.de/Record/factors-influencing-the-consumer-tendency-to-use-mobile-instant-messaging-mim-a-mixed-method-study-cruz-c%C3%A1rdenas-jorge/10012802722
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