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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Cognition, affectivity and resilience in the forgiveness of a transgression in the coupleBolaños-Pasquel, Mónica; López-Cárdenas, María; Guerrero, Brenda; Cruz-Cárdenas, Jorge; Ramos-Galarza, Carlos
2021Cognitive Interventions Based on Technology: A Systematic Literature ReviewRamos-Galarza, Carlos; Cóndor-Herrera, Omar; Arias-Flores, Hugo; Jadán-Guerrero, Janio; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica; Cedillo, Priscila
2023Creation of a Children’s Application to Prevent CyberbullyingRamos-Galarza, Carlos; Jadán-Guerrero, Janio; Arias-Flores, Hugo; Acosta-Rodas, Pamela; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica
2019Critical status of research in Ecuadorian psychology: The abandonment of statistics as a basis of scientific productionRamos-Galarza, Carlos; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica; Ramos, Valentina; Moscoso-Salazar, Jaime; Jadán-Guerrero, Janio
2020Development and Validation of A Brief Scale to Assess Attachment in Adults: Psychometric Analysis in Latin AmericaOrtiz -Granja, Dorys; Acosta-Rodas, Pamela; Lepe-Martínez, Nancy; Valle, Milenko; Ramos, Valentina; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica; Ramos-Galarza, Carlos
2021E-learning and M-learning Benefits in the Learning ProcessCóndor-Herrera, Omar; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica; Ramos-Galarza, Carlos
2019Efeco scale for assessing executive functions in self-report formatRamos-Galarza, Carlos; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica; García-Gómez, Andrés; Martínez Siiarez, Pedro; Jadán-Guerrero, Janio
2018Evaluation of the skills of the prefrontal cortex: The EFECO II-VC and II-VRVillegas, Carla; Ortiz, Dorys; García, Andrés; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica; Acosta, Pamela; Lepe, Nancy; Valle, Milenko; Ramos, Valentina; Ramos-Galarza, Carlos
2023Executive functions scale for university students: UEF-1Ramos-Galarza, Carlos; Ramos, Valentina; Del Valle, Milenko; Lepe-Martínez, Nancy; Cruz-Cárdenas, Jorge; Acosta-Rodas, Pamela; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica
2021Factorial Structure of the EOCL-1 Scale to Assess Executive FunctionsRamos-Galarza, Carlos; Cruz-Cárdenas, Jorge; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica; Acosta-Rodas, Pamela
2023From Face-to-Face Learning to Virtual Learning: Students’ PerspectiveCóndor-Herrera, Omar; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica; Ramos-Galarza, Carlos; Cruz-Cárdenas, Jorge
2020Mobile app for psycho-statistics learningRamos-Galarza, Carlos; Acosta-Rodas, Mónica; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica; Cruz-Cárdenas, Jorge
2017Neuropsychological evaluation of inhibitory control and interference control: Validation of experimental tasks in the ecuadorian contextRamos-Galarza, Carlos; Jadán-Guerrero, Janio; Ramos, David; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica; Ramos, Valentina; Fiallos-Carolis, María
2017Procastination, internet addiction, and academic performance in Ecuadorian college studentsRamos-Galarza, Carlos; Jadán-Guerrero, Janio; Paredes-Núñez, Lorena; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica; Gómez-García, Antonio
2021Rehabilitation of Children Affected by Attention Deficit DisorderRamos-Galarza, Carlos; Acosta-Rodas, Pamela; Jadán-Guerrero, Janio; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica; Saez-Delgado, Fabiola
2019Scale of clinical observation to valuate the third functional unit of the Luria theory: EOCL-1.Ramos-Galarza, Carlos; Benavides-Endara, Patricio; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica; Fonseca-Bautista, Silvio; Ramos, David
2017Talented soccer players, the big secret is in the brain: The great tragedy of the star player and the fate of magicians with a preserved nervous systemsRamos-Galarza, Carlos; Peña-García, Sofía; Pérez-Salas, Claudia; Cadena-Almeida, Iván; Jadán-Guerrero, Janio; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica
2020The role of inhibitory control in the ability to solve problems of university studentsRamos-Galarza, Carlos; Acosta-Rodas, Pamela; Ortiz-Granja, Dorys; Lepe-Martínez, Nancy; Valle, Milenko; Ramos, Valentina; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica
2023University Students’ Rejection to Learning Statistics: Research from a Latin American StandpointRamos-Galarza, Carlos; Ramos, Valentina; Cruz-Cárdenas, Jorge; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica
2023Use of Technology in the Context of Latin AmericaRamos-Galarza, Carlos; Cóndor-Herrera, Omar; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica; Cruz-Cárdenas, Jorge