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    Title: Mobile Learning as an alternative in the teaching of the radiology and imaging career
    Other Titles: Mobile Learning como alternativa en la enseñanza de la carrera de radiología e imagenología
    Authors: Dillon Pérez, Francisco Xavier
    Velasco, Daniel
    Rojas-Londoño, David
    Quichimbo, Marco
    Issue Date: 2022
    Publisher: RISTI - Revista Iberica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informacao. Volume 2022, Issue Special Issue E50, Pages 580 - 590
    Abstract: The present research work analyzed the feasibility of implementing the mobile application called “RADEX” as part of the learning process of the subject of Basic Radiological Techniques in students of the Imaging and Radiology career at the University of Cuenca-Ecuador; For this, a mixed, pre-experimental, sequential exploratory and correlational research approach was used. The study population and sample were selected through a non-probabilistic sampling for convenience and was made up of 5 teachers and 28 students. As research instruments, two questionnaires and a diagnostic test were used to compare the learning results of the Basic Radiological Techniques subject before and after using the “RADEX” mobile application. As the main conclusion of the research work, it can be mentioned that the use of the mobile application “RADEX” did improve the results and the learning process of the population studied.
    URI: http://www.risti.xyz/issues/ristie50.pdf
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