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    Title: COVID-19, consumer behavior, technology, and society: A literature review and bibliometric analysis
    Authors: Cruz-Cárdenas, Jorge
    Zabelina, Ekaterina
    Guadalupe-Lanas, Jorge
    Palacio-Fierro, Andrés
    Ramos-Galarza, Carlos
    Issue Date: 2021
    Publisher: Technological Forecasting and Social Change. Volume 173
    Abstract: The COVID-19 crisis is among the most disruptive events in recent decades. Its profound consequences have garnered the interest of many studies in various disciplines, including consumer behavior, thereby warranting an effort to review and systematize the literature. Thus, this study systematizes the knowledge generated by 70 COVID-19 and consumer behavior studies in the Scopus database. It employs descriptive analysis, highlighting the importance of using quantitative methods and China and the US as research settings. Co-occurrence analysis further identified various thematic clusters among the studies. The input-process-output consumer behavior model guided the systematic review, covering several psychological characteristics and consumer behaviors. Accordingly, measures adopted by governments, technology, and social media stand out as external factors. However, revised marketing strategies have been oriented toward counteracting various consumer risks. Hence, given that technological and digital formats mark consumer behavior, firms must incorporate digital transformations in their process.
    URI: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8418327/
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