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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20223D Printing for STEAM EducationZapata, Mireya; Arias-Flores, Hugo; Álvarez-Tello, Jorge
2021A Virtual Learning Environments as Training Tools: An Experience with NEO LMS in Physics TeachingZapata, Mireya; Polo-Mantuano, Juan
2021Acceleration of Evolutionary Grammar Using an MISD Architecture Based on FPGA and PetalinuxsVallejo-Mancero, Bernardo; Zapata, Mireya
2018An IoT-based remote monitoring system for electrical power consumption via web-applicationAlulema, Darwin; Zapata, Mireya; Zapata, Miroslava
2021Audio-tactile rendering: A review on technology and methods to convey musical information through the sense of touchRemache-Vinueza, Byron; Trujillo-León, Andrés; Zapata, Mireya; Sarmiento-Ortiz, Fabián; Vidal-Verdú, Fernando
2020Automation of a Universal Testing Machine for Measuring Mechanical Properties in Textile FibersTopón-Visarrea, Blanca; Zapata, Mireya; Vallejo-Mancero, Fernando
2020Axonal Delay Controller for Spiking Neural Networks Based on FPGAZapata, Mireya; Madrenas, Jordi; Alvarez, Jorge
2021Characterizing High-Speed Serial Transceivers for a Multi-processor Parallel ArchitectureZapata, Mireya; Vallejo-Mancero, Bernardo; Topon-Visarrea, Blanca
2023Communication Support for Older Adults Through PictogramsArias-Flores, Hugo; Zapata, Mireya; Sánchez-Gordon, Sandra; Cedillo, Priscila
2020Design and evaluation of a heuristic optimization tool based on evolutionary grammars using PSoCsVallejo-Mancero, Bernardo; Zapata, Mireya; Topón-Visarrea, Blanca; Malagón, Pedro
2020Design and Implementation of a Wastewater Heat Recovery System Prototype for Electric Showers in Quito-EcuadorRemache-Vinueza, Byron; Espín, Gustavo; Zapata, Mireya
2023Design and Implementation of Wind-Powered Charging System to Improve Electric Motorcycle AutonomyChangoluisa, Luis; Zapata, Mireya
2021Design of a Human Machine Interface for Programming and Testing Adjustable Frequency Drives for Constant Pressure Pumping ApplicationsRemache-Vinueza, Byron; Castro-Ramírez, Jefferson; Zapata, Mireya
2023Design of BPM Processes in Higher Education in EcuadorMolina-Izurieta, Rosa; Álvarez-Tello, Jorge; Zapata, Mireya; Robledo, Pedro
2018Efficient Configuration for a Scalable Spiking Neural Network Platform by means of a Synchronous Address Event Representation busZapata, Mireya; Jadán-Guerrero, Janio; Madrenas, Jordi
2021Efficient FPGA Implementation of Direct Digital Synthesizer and Digital Up-Converter for Broadband Multicarrier TransmitterCastro, Cristhian; Zapata, Mireya
2024-07-01Eficiencia y productividad: aplicaciones industriales con autómatas programablesZapata, Mireya; Valencia Aragón, Kevin; Tipán, Edgar
2022Evaluation Methods Review of the Innovation Capacity of Companies Based on Knowledge ManagementÁlvarez-Tello, Jorge; Martínez-Crespo, Jenny; Zapata, Mireya
2023Experimental Evaluation of EMKEY: An Assistive Technology for People with Upper Limb DisabilitiesZapata, Mireya; Valencia-Aragón, Kevin; Ramos-Galarza, Carlos
2022Experimentation for Chatbot Usability Evaluation: A Secondary StudyRen, Ranci; Zapata, Mireya; Castro, John; Dieste, Oscar; Acuna, Silvia