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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A critical review of educational policies in the neoliberal era: The chilean casePalacios-Díaz, Diego; Hidalgo-Kawada, Felipe; Suárez-Monzón, Noemí; Saavedra, Paulina
2023Una aproximación cualitativa Learning experiences in virtual teacher training during confinement by COVID-19. A qualitative approachGómez-Suárez, Vanessa; Suárez-Monzón, Noemí; Cáceres-Mesa, Maritza; Lara-Paredes, Diego
2019Complexities of university professional development and mixed methodological keys for its analysisSuárez-Monzón, Noemí; Palacios Díaz, Diego; Delgado Valdivieso, Karina; Pérez, Isabel
2021Consumo de droga en estudiantes ecuatorianos. Una alternativa de prevención y desarrollo resiliente del alumnado desde la escuelaCango Cobos, Ana; Suárez-Monzón, Noemí
2020Critical reading in the development of research skills in graduate professorsSuárez-Monzón, Noemí; Cruz-Perez, Cristina Isabel; Rodríguez-Hernández, Alina; Sevilla-Vallejo, Santiago
2019Current trends in dyslexia research and the need for teacher trainingBarba, María; Suárez-Monzón, Noemí; Jomarrón, Licet; Navas, Carmen
2019Delayed social imprints of good health in the social and university environmentRequeiro, Reinaldo; Suárez-Monzón, Noemí; Pupo, Yumila
2019Development of creativity and talent from early ages. Curricular components of a master's program in educationSuárez-Monzón, Noemí; Delgado Valdivieso, Karina; Pérez, Isabel; Barba, María
2021E-learning Ergonomic Challenges During the Covid-19 PandemicSuárez-Monzón, Noemí; Jadán-Guerrero, Janio; Requeiro, Reinaldo; Delgado Valdivieso, Karina
2021Evaluation of University Professors. Trends and Critical IssuesSuárez-Monzón, Noemí; Requeiro, Reinaldo; Urosa, Belén; Cáceres, Maritza
2020Formación docente universitaria y crisis sanitaria COVID-19Suárez-Monzón, Noemí
2022Is my opinion important in evaluating lecturers? Students’ perceptions of student evaluations of teaching (SET) and their relationship to SET scoresSuárez-Monzón, Noemí; Gómez Suárez, Vanessa; Lara Paredes, Diego
2019Political discourse analysis: Conceptual and analytical tools for the critical study of educational policies in times of global reformPalacios Díaz, Diego; Hidalgo Kawada, Felipe; Cornejo Chávez, Rodrigo; Suárez-Monzón, Noemí
2019El posgrado en el ámbito educativo de la Universidad Tecnológica IndoaméricaPérez Cruz, Isabel; Suárez-Monzón, Noemí; Pérez Narváez, Marco
2021Understanding its educational dimension in the context of the bachelor of science in education degree program of the universidad autÓnoma del estado de hidalgo ict-based learning assessmentCáceres Mesa, Maritza; Suárez-Monzón, Noemí
2022Validation of a questionnaire on learning through ICT and its Effect on University Students’ Wellbeing During COVID-19Suárez-Monzón, Noemí; Cáceres Mesa, Maritza; Lara Paredes, Diego; Requeiro Almeida, Reinaldo