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    Title: Understanding its educational dimension in the context of the bachelor of science in education degree program of the universidad autÓnoma del estado de hidalgo ict-based learning assessment
    Other Titles: Las prácticas de evaluación de los aprendizajes mediadas por las tic. Su comprensión desde la dimensión formativa en el contexto de la licenciatura en ciencias de la educación de la universidad autónoma del estado de hidalgo
    Authors: Cáceres Mesa, Maritza
    Suárez-Monzón, Noemí
    Issue Date: 2021
    Publisher: Universidad y SociedadVolume 13, Issue 2, Pages 75 - 86
    Abstract: The Bachelor of Science in Education degree program at The Universidad Autónoma Del Estado De Hidalgo (UAEH) shows learning assessment results that, for their complexity and significance, challenge teachers in their interpretation as a fundamental tool for better understanding and improving the teaching-learning process. The current scenario calls for the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), as a strategy to promote a follow-up process and individualized feedback of the tasks assigned, thus fostering transparency and effectiveness of the process and, in turn, highlighting the formative dimension of assessment. This study aims to analyse, through a qualitative methodology, how teachers use technology to assess students’ learning. It is backed up by the focus group technique, which generated exchange of experiences; it also produced teachers’ criteria that were triangulated. The main results show that applied technologies can be instrumental in assessment practices, thus encouraging autonomy, independence, awareness and improvement of students’ learning.
    URI: https://rus.ucf.edu.cu/index.php/rus/article/view/1944
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