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    Title: House fly larvae harvest yield using three different rations of wheat brand and pig manure as larval development media
    Authors: Casanovas-Cosío, Enrique
    Reyes-Reyes, Reyna
    Suárez del Villar, Alexis
    Álvarez-Sánchez, Ana
    Padilla-Morales, Raúl
    Issue Date: 2023
    Publisher: Revista de Agricultura Neotropical, 10(1), e6997.
    Abstract: The aim of the research was to compare the yields of house fly larvae using different proportions of wheat bran and swine feces as larval development medium, in a randomized block experimental design with five replications: A-100 % wheat bran; B- 50% wheat bran and 50% swine feces; C- 100% swine feces. Measurements of the temperature of the substrates, as well as the temperature and relative humidity of the place where the flies were developing were made every 24 hours. The larval yield per m2 and kg of substrate, (including the water used to moisten the larval media) were also registered. The wheat bran substrate presented the highest temperature values (36.78 oC), with values above the ambient temperature. The relative humidity varied between 44 and 68%. The amount of water used per square meter was 28.75; 27.72 and 28.87 L for A, B and C treatments, respectively. The highest yield for all substrates was obtained during the first harvest after six days with the highest values for treatment B with 2869.11 g m²-1 and 181.16 g kg-1, respectively. The transformation of the crude protein of the substrates by the fly larvae was between 28.0 and 41.0%, with the highest value for treatment B with 2869,11 g m² -1 and 181,16 g kg2-1 . No presence of pathogenic agents was observed in the harvested larvae.
    URI: https://doi.org/10.32404/rean.v10i2.6997
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