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    Title: Anxiety and Internet use in adolescents: a case study in a school in Cayambe, Ecuador
    Authors: Loor-Mosquera, Isabel
    Males-Villegas, María Soledad
    Issue Date: 2022
    Publisher: Proceedings of the 2022 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies on Education and Research, ICALTER 20222022 2nd IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies on Education and Research, ICALTER 2022. Lima. 16 November 2022 through 19 November 2022
    Abstract: Teenagers currently have free access to the internet, which could become a problem if it is not managed properly. During the COVID-19 pandemic, most people were confined to their homes and the internet allowed them to stay connected. The younger population is going through a stage of curiosity, generating a dependency on the use of technology and this has consequences for their mental health. The objective of the study is to estimate the level of relationship between anxiety and Internet use in adolescents from a school in the city of Cayambe, Ecuador. For the research, a quantitative approach was used, which manages the collection and analysis of data to answer one or several questions of the study. For the selection of the sample, an intentional non-probabilistic sampling was carried out with a total of 100 students. With this, the reagents were applied to all the students of the selected school, from eighth grade to twelve grade. The reagents used for the present study were the IDARE (stai - state-trait anxiety inventory) Trait and State Anxiety Test and the IAT Internet Addiction Test. Following this, as a result of the investigation, the average level of state anxiety and a high level of trait anxiety were obtained. Also a medium level in the use of the internet in the study participants, which demonstrates the presence of a broad problem.
    URI: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/search/searchresult.jsp?newsearch=true&queryText=Anxiety%20and%20Internet%20use%20in%20adolescents:%20a%20case%20study%20in%20a%20school%20in%20Cayambe,%20Ecuador
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