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    Title: University Extension in Architecture: Strategies adopted by COVID-19
    Other Titles: Extensión Universitaria en Arquitectura Estrategias adoptadas por la COVID-19
    Authors: Cabrera Gómez, Juan Daniel
    Issue Date: 2022
    Publisher: Anales de Investigacion en Arquitectura Open Access. Volume 12, Issue 1
    Abstract: Latin-American universities have reacted during pandemic times by implementing strategies not only virtual (Bedoya-Dorado, Murillo-Vargas, y González-Campo, 2021), the actions adopted over the road have allowed that the programme of extension continues being performed in other ways and to consider as not a requirement the permanent presential link with the community. The goal of the research is to analyze the strategies developed in community projects of University Extension in Architecture developed in seven Latin-American countries. The inquiry presents a methodology with combined strategies (Groat y Wang, 2013) that includes a literature review of primary and secondary sources, cases of study and interviews. This papers contains cuali-cuantitative data related to modes of working, alternatives of virtual communication in social media and elaborated knowledge of seven community projects selected from online activities developed by Architectural Latin-American universities in Costa Rica, México, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile y Argentina. The study found that the compilation of projects done last year and few years ago are the most used modes of working, also, digital material, Facebook pages and YouTube channels are the alternatives for virtual communication and finally, that digital publications and videos are the elaboration (Cano e Ingold, 2020), production (Salvatierra, 2003), (Cohen, 2014), (Martínez y García, 2019) and construction (Bolaños y Aguilera cited by Martínez y García, 2019) of knowledge.
    URI: http://www.scielo.edu.uy/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S2301-15132022000101309
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