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    Title: Maturity of innovation culture in Ecuadorian companies
    Other Titles: La cultura de innovación en empresas ecuatorianas, una oportunidad para ganar
    Authors: Espinoza-Guano, Mónica
    Álvarez-Tello, Jorge
    Ramos-Guevara, Juan
    Issue Date: 2022
    Publisher: RISTI - Revista Iberica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informacao. Volume 2022, Issue Special Issue E50, Pages 237 - 249
    Abstract: In the current situation, society demands innovative products and processes, so it is vital to promote their development for the creation of value propositions in companies, which are reluctant to invest in these aspects. The objective is to evaluate the innovation culture of companies through the model proposed by Rao & Weintraub for the identification of fields of action in Ecuadorian organizations. Interviews and surveys were applied to representatives of 49 companies, through 54 key questions to measure the culture of innovation. An index of 4.02 and a perception index of 4.07 were determined for the contrast. The instrument is reliable on the evaluation of the innovation culture index. The most highly valued elements are exploration, autonomy and challenge, while the elements to be strengthened are access to experts, financing and minimization of internal bureaucracy.
    URI: http://www.risti.xyz/issues/ristie50.pdf
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