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    Title: A new species of Andean toad (Bufonidae, Osornophryne) discovered using molecular and morphological data, with a taxonomic key for the genus
    Authors: Páez-Moscoso, Diego
    Guayasamín, Juan
    Yánez-Muñoz, Mario
    Issue Date: 2011
    Publisher: ZooKeys. Volume 108, Pages 73 - 97
    Abstract: Combining a molecular phylogeny and morphological data, we discovered a new species of Osornophryne from the Amazonian slope of the Ecuadorian Andes. Morphologically, the new taxon is distinguished from all others species in Osornophryne by having the Toes IV and V longer than Toes I-III, a short and rounded snout with a small rostral papilla, and conical pustules on flanks. The new species previously was confused with O. guacamayo. A taxonomic key is provided for all known species of Osornophryne. © Diego J. Páez-Moscoso et al.
    URI: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21852930/
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