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Title: Fundamental concepts in the neuropsychological theory
Other Titles: Conceptos fundamentales en la teoría neuropsicológica
Authors: Ramos-Galarza, Carlos
Ramos, Valentina
Jadán-Guerrero, Janio
Lepe-Martínez, Nancy
Paredes-Nuñez, Lorena
Gómez-García, Antonio
Bolaños-Pasquel, Monica
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Revista Ecuatoriana de Neurologia. Volume 26, Issue 1, Pages 53 - 60
Abstract: This article presents three concepts that are fundamental in the neuropsychological theoretical: (a) historical data in the study of the human brain, (b) neuropsychological evaluation of brain functions and (c) neuropsychological rehabilitation of brain functions. As relevant data in the theoretical development of the study of the human brain is a tour of the trepanation acts performed hundreds of years ago, the contributions of phrenology, the masterful findings of Broca and Wernicke, the heuristic contribution of Luria and the current revolution with the neuro-image. In the neuropsychological evaluation of brain functions, the role of specific, non-specific and delayed observation tests in the interpretation of the neuropsychological state of the human being is analyzed, which allow analyzing neuropsychological functions in the laboratory and in real lifeactivities. Finally, we analyze the process of neuropsychological rehabilitation of brain functions, where mention is made of the processes of restoration, compensation, substitution, activation-stimulation and integration, which are very useful when intervening in a brain that has suffered an acquired damage. It is concluded that the current accelerated pace has determined the advance of neuroscience, where technology and the forceful scientific contribution propose new techniques and theories to understand the processes of evaluation and rehabilitation of brain functioning.
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