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    Title: Water quality assessment of the cutuchi river basin (Ecuador): A review of technical documents
    Authors: Zapata, Daniela
    Oleas, Nora
    Páez-Vacas, Mónica
    Tobes, Ibon
    Issue Date: 2021
    Publisher: IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. Volume 690, Issue 1. 9 March 2021. International Symposium on Water, Ecology and Environment, ISWEE 2020. Beijing, Virtual. 6 December 2020 through 8 December 2020
    Abstract: The Cutuchi River Basin extends over the inter-Andean valley south of the Cotopaxi Volcano, in Ecuador. It flows through two provinces, Cotopaxi and Tungurahua, and its waters are extensively used to irrigate crops that provide food to the main cities in the country. Unfortunately, the basin receives untreated domestic and industrial discharges. The need for an environmental quality assessment of the river has been acknowledged over the years. The aim of this study is to gather information about water quality of the Cutuchi River through a historical bibliographic review. A total of 57 works published between 2007 and 2018 were found, including books, articles, thesis and project reports. Only 18 documents provided biological, physical, or chemical data linked to water quality. The data obtained through the literature review were compared with maximum thresholds from national and international regulations. Unfortunately, revised studies were scattered on time and randomly along the basin and did not provide robust information to evaluate the state of the water-system. Some contamination was detected significantly exceeding safety thresholds. More exhaustive studies along the basin are needed as a baseline to help the decision makers to design management plans and mitigate human impacts
    URI: https://www.scilit.net/article/c450c306baf8ca096e6483b8f09abe29?action=show-references
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