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    Title: A new glassfrog (Centrolenidae) from the Chocó-Andean Río Manduriacu Reserve, Ecuador, endangered by mining
    Authors: Guayasamín, Juan
    Cisneros-Heredia, Diego
    Vieira, José
    Kohn, Sebastián
    Gavilanes, Gabriela
    Lynch, Ryan
    Hamilton, Paul
    Maynard, Ross
    Issue Date: 2019
    Publisher: PeerJ. Volume 2019, Issue 2
    Abstract: We describe a new glassfrog from Río Manduriacu Reserve, Imbabura Province, on the Pacific slopes of the Ecuadorian Andes. The new species can be distinguished from most other glassfrogs by having numerous yellow spots on the dorsum and lacking membranes among fingers. Both morphological and molecular data support the placement of the species in the genus Nymphargus. We present a new mitochondrial phylogeny of Nymphargus and discuss the speciation patterns of this genus; most importantly, recent speciation events seem to result from the effect of the linearity of the Andes. Finally, although the new species occurs within a private reserve, it is seriously endangered by mining activities; thus, following IUCN criteria, we consider the new species as Critically Endangered
    URI: https://peerj.com/articles/6400/
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