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    Title: 360° Technology Applied to Touristic Marketing
    Authors: Cóndor-Herrera, Omar
    Ramos-Galarza, Carlos
    Issue Date: 2022
    Publisher: Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies. Volume 279, Pages 443 - 449
    Abstract: 360° technology for images or videos allows the covering of a 360° vision angle in two axles (X and Y), and it can be seen on a screen in an interactive way. This means that we can see everything that is around the point where the picture or video was taken, up, down, in front, behind and the sides, which allows us to reproduce the stereoscopic human vision. In this article, the usage of this technology is proposed as a tool to enhance the touristic marketing area, giving the users an innovative expérience.
    URI: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-981-16-9268-0_37
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