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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2018Design thinking paradigm in the development of an open source strategic planning frameworkJadán-Guerrero, Janio; Miranda, Santiago; Altamirano, Zandra; Manzano, José
    2018Anomaly detection with negative selection and graphs of user behavior profilesGuevara-Maldonado, César; Jadán-Guerrero, Janio
    2018Relationship between academic performance and the self-report of the executive performance of ecuadorian teenagersRamos-Galarza, Carlos; Jadán-Guerrero, Janio; Gómez-García, Antonio
    2016Designing assistive technologies for children with disabilities: A case study of a family living with a daughter with intellectual disabilityJadán-Guerrero, Janio; Altamirano, Ileana; Arias-Flores, Hugo; Jadán, Johann
    2017Neuropsychological evaluation of inhibitory control and interference control: Validation of experimental tasks in the ecuadorian contextRamos-Galarza, Carlos; Jadán-Guerrero, Janio; Ramos, David; Bolaños-Pasquel, Mónica; Ramos, Valentina; Fiallos-Carolis, María
    2014Experiences and challenges in designing non-traditional interfaces to enhance the everyday life of children with intellectual disabilitiesJadán-Guerrero, Janio; Guerrero, Luis
    2014Use of tangible interfaces to support a literacy system in children with intellectual disabilitiesJadán-Guerrero, Janio; López, Gustavo; Guerrero, Luis
    2018Neuropsychological assessment of attention: Symbols and digits test.Ramos-Galarza, Carlos; Acosta-Rodas, Pamela; Jadán-Guerrero, Janio; Guevara-Maldonado, César; Zapata, Mireya; Apolo-Buenaño, Diego
    20203D Object Reconstruction Using Concatenated Matrices with MS Kinect: A Contribution to Interiors ArchitectureBuele, Jorge; Varela-Aldás, José; Castellanos, Esteban; Jadán-Guerrero, Janio; Barberán, Jenneffer
    2020Improve Accessibility and Visibility of Selected University WebsitesAcosta-Vargas, Patricia; Ramos-Galarza, Carlos; Salvador-Ullauri, Luis; Chanchi, Gabriel; Jadán-Guerrero, Janio