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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Analysis and Determination of Minimum Requirements of an Autopilot for the Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)Loya, Hugo; Enríquez, Victor; Salazar, Franklin; Sanchez, Carlos; Urrutia, Fernando; Buele, Jorge
2021Carwash Station Prototype with Automatic Payment Using Intelligent Control SystemsBuele, Jorge; Quilumba, Darío; Ilvis, David; Saá, Fernando; Salazar, Franklin
2020Design of an Ergonomic Prototype for Physical Rehabilitation of People with ParaplegiaSalazar, Franklin; Nuñez, Freddy; Buele, Jorge; Jordán, Edisson; Barberán, Jenneffer
2020Implementation of an electro-optical sensor in the twin otter fae plane for the strengthening of the strategic surveillance capacityLeón, Gustavo; Enríquez, Victor; Salazar, Franklin; Guallo, Julio; Urrutia, Fernando; Buele, Jorge
2021Interpreting Felony Acts Using Georeferenced Data. Case Study in Ambato, EcuadorCastillo, Franklin; Naranjo-Avalos, Hernán; Buele, Jorge; Varela-Aldás, José; Amaguaña, Yessenia; Salazar, Franklin
2021Monitoring System for Physical Water Quality Parameters and Automatic Control for Chlorine Dosing in a Aerator Treatment PlantBalarezo, Juan; Buele, Jorge; Naranjo-Avalos, Hernán; Castillo, Franklin; Vargas, William; Salazar, Franklin
2020Prototype of a Low Cost Turbine for the Generation of Clean Energy in the Ecuadorian AmazonGuáitara, Bryan; Buele, Jorge; Salazar, Franklin; Varela-Aldás, José
2021Prototype System for Control the ScorBot ER-4U Robotic Arm Using Free ToolsChávez-Chica, Elizabeth; Buele, Jorge; Salazar, Franklin; Varela-Aldás, José
2020Prototype System of Geolocation Educational Public Transport Through Google Maps APISalazar, Franklin; Naranjo-Ávalos, Hernán; Buele, Jorge; Pintag, Marco; Buenaño, Edgar; Reinoso, Cristina; Urrutia-Urrutia, Pilar; Varela-Aldas, José
2020Structural design of a telemetry and video surveillance system implemented in a UAVMoscoso, María Elena; Yánez-Arcos, Estefanía; Enríquez, Victor; Cuji, Julio; Naranjo-Ávalos, Hernán; Salazar, Franklin; Buele, Jorge
2020Telemetry and Video Surveillance System in a UAV for the Control and Monitoring of Long-Distance MissionsBuele, Jorge; Yánez-Arcos, Estefanía; Moscoso, María Elena; Huilca, Jordán; Jordán, Edisson; Urrutia Urrutia, Pilar; Salazar, Franklin
2020Temperature Controller Using the Takagi-Sugeno-Kang Fuzzy Inference System for an Industrial Heat Treatment FurnaceBuele, Jorge; Ríos-Cando, Paulina; Brito, Geovanni; Moreno-P, Rodrigo; Salazar, Franklin
2020Vehicle locking system using an electronic breathalyzer and notification by mobile communicationBrito, Geovanni; Salazar, Franklin; Lema, Edwin; Sánchez, Andrea; Pérez, Hugo; Buele, Jorge
2020Wheelchair Controlled by Eye Movement Using Raspberry Pi for ALS PatientsBuele, Jorge; Varela-Aldás, José; Salazar, Franklin; Soria, Angel; Andaluz, Víctor