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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2021A Retrospective and Prospective Analysis of Social Entrepreneurship: Popular and Solidarity Economy in EcuadorMorales-Urrutia, Ximena; Naranjo-Gaibor, Aidé; Espinoza-Guano, Mónica; Morales-Urrutia, Diana; Simbaña-Taipe, Luis
    2022Application of E-commerce in Ecuador's Economic ActivitiesPalacio-Fierro, Andrés; Llamuca-Pérez, Silvia; Morales-Urrutia, Ximena
    2021Business Growth in Ecuador: A Perspective from Penrose’s Theory of Resources and CapabilitiesMorales-Urrutia, Ximena; Salazar-Mera, Juan Eduardo; Silva-Ordónez, Catalina Alexandra
    2021Decisive Factors of Business Dynamism in Latin America: An Approach from the New Institutional Economy PerspectiveMorales-Urrutia, Ximena; Salazar-Mera, Juan Eduardo; Silva-Ordónez, Catalina Alexandra
    2020E-government: Performance of the public sector from a comparative perspectiveMorales-Urrutia, Ximena; Morales-Urrutia, Diana; Simabaña-Taipe, Luis; Guerrero-Velástegui, César
    2022Entrepreneurial intention and gender: an analysis of environmental factorsMorales-Urrutia, Ximena; Morales-Urrutia, Diana; Simbaña-Taipe, Luis
    2021Entrepreneurship: The Case of EcuadorMorales-Molina, Tania; Llamuca Pérez, Silvia; Morales-Urrutia, Ximena; Villacrés-Endara, Víctor
    2021Innovation Persistence on Ecuadorian SMEs GrowthSimbaña-Taipe, Luis; Carrión-Carcelén, Mayra; Tandazo Guillén, Ximena; Sánchez Pazmiño, María; Morales-Urrutia, Ximena; Rodeiro-Pazos, David
    2019Key determinants for growth in high-growth Ecuadorian manufacturing firmsSimbaña-Taipe, Luis; Ushiña Mullo, Diana; Salas Chuquin, Marcela; Morales-Urrutia, Ximena; Sánchez, María Isabel
    2021Public Policies for Rural Tourism in SpainMorales-Urrutia, Ximena; Naranjo-Gaibor, Aidé; Tejada-Moyano, Sandra; Vargas-Ramos, Fernanda
    2021Rural Tourism in Galicia: Current State and Development of the SectorMorales-Urrutia, Ximena; Guadalupe-Lanas, Jorge; Morales-Urrutia, Diana; Espinoza-Guano, Mónica
    2020Smart tourism and the application of ICT: The contribution of digital toolsMorales-Urrutia, Ximena; Morales-Urrutia, Diana; Simabaña-Taipe, Luis; Barragán-Ramírez, Christian
    2021Technology Startups: The Case of South American CountriesMorales-Urrutia, Ximena; Morales-Urrutia, Diana; Ávila-Herrera, Stalyn