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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2022Advanced Controllers for Level Processes: Hardware-in-the-Loop TechniqueQuispe, Manuel; Molina, Martha; Castillo, Franklin; Andaluz, Víctor
    2023Amazonian Pictograms, Ecuadorian Shuar Culture Applied in Augmented Reality AR for Cultural DisseminationOleas-Orozco, José; Jara-Garzón, Patricia; Marín-Tapia, Nilton; Castillo, Franklin; Navas, Eduardo
    2022Development of a Scale Prototype of Smart Bed Controlled Using a Mobile ApplicationSoberon, Juan; Gamboa, Gissela; Castillo, Franklin; Palacios-Navarro, Guillermo; Varela-Aldás, José
    2024Digital Animation, Health Education in Post COVID-19 ScenarioOleas-Orozco, José; Aguayza-Mendieta, Carlos; Castillo, Franklin; Sánchez, Diego
    2024ICT and Augmented Reality in Baños de Agua Santa-Ecuador, Tourist Attractions GenerationOleas-Orozco, José; Jara-Garzón, Patricia; Castillo, Franklin
    2023ICT as a Contribution to Ecuadorian Emerging Tourism in Regional Contexts, Balsapamba, San Miguel, Bolívar ProvinceOleas-Orozco, José; Jara-Garzón, Patricia; Castillo, Franklin; Aguilar, Iván
    2022ICT as a Resource for the Professional Training of Drivers. Education and Training School for Professional Drivers, Pelileo-EcuadorOleas-Orozco, José; Castillo, Franklin; Saá-Tapia, Fernando; Barrera-Urbina, Pablo
    2022Intelligent Dashboard to Optimize the Tax Management in a Town Municipal GovernmentCastillo, Franklin; Oleas-Orozco, José; Saá-Tapia, Fernando; Mena-Navas, Carlos
    2021Interpreting Felony Acts Using Georeferenced Data. Case Study in Ambato, EcuadorCastillo, Franklin; Naranjo-Avalos, Hernán; Buele, Jorge; Varela-Aldás, José; Amaguaña, Yessenia; Salazar, Franklin
    2021Monitoring System for Physical Water Quality Parameters and Automatic Control for Chlorine Dosing in a Aerator Treatment PlantBalarezo, Juan; Buele, Jorge; Naranjo-Avalos, Hernán; Castillo, Franklin; Vargas, William; Salazar, Franklin
    2022Monitoring System for Plants Based on a Smart Plant PotSalazar, Marco; Castillo, Franklin; Andaluz, Víctor; Palacios-Navarro, Guillermo; Varela-Aldás, José
    2022Smart Armband for Tracking Children Using a Mobile ApplicationCastillo, Franklin; Guangasi, Lisseth; Palacios-Navarro, Guillermo; Varela-Aldás, José