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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2020Anthropization and growth of the electricity grid as variables for the analysis of urban infrastructureAyala-Chauvin, Manuel; Huaraca, Diego; Varela-Aldás, José; Ordóñez, Andrea; Riba, Genis
    2022Automation of an Electro-Hydraulic Test Bench Using a Weitek CMT3092 HMI- PLCAltamirano-Haro, Diego; Sánchez-Diáz, Patricio; Buele, Jorge; Ayala-Chauvin, Manuel
    2022Control System Test Platform for a DC MotorSaá-Tapia, Fernando; Mayorga-Miranda, Luis; Ayala-Chauvin, Manuel; Domènech-Mestres, Carles
    2020COVID-19 y la transición energéticaAyala-Chauvin, Manuel; Riba, Genís
    2021Design and Construction of a Low Cost CNC Milling Machine for WoodworkingAyala-Chauvin, Manuel; Saá, Fernando; Rodríguez, Ricardo; Domènech-Mestres, Carles; Riba, Genis
    2021Design for the automation of an Ambu Spur II manual respiratorDomènech-Mestres, Carles; Blsnco-Romero, Elena; De la Fuente-Morato, Albert; Ayala-Chauvin, Manuel
    2021Editorial: Sostenibilidad, energía y ciudadAyala-Chauvin, Manuel; Medina-Enríquez, Andrea
    2022Electric Monitoring System for Residential Customers Using Wireless TechnologyBuele, Jorge; Morales-Sánchez, Juan; Varela-Aldás, José; Palacios-Navarro, Guillermo; Ayala-Chauvin, Manuel
    2022Evaluation of the energy autonomy of urban areas as an instrument to promote the energy transitionAyala-Chauvin, Manuel; Riba Sanmartí, Genis; Riba, Carles; Lara-Alvarez, Patricio
    2020Inverse kinematics of a redundant manipulator robot using constrained optimizationVarela-Aldás, José; Ayala-Chauvin, Manuel; Andaluz, Víctor; Santamaría, Marlon
    2022IoT Monitoring for Real-Time Control of Industrial ProcessesAyala-Chauvin, Manuel; Escudero, Pedro; Lara-Álvarez, Patricio; Domènech-Mestres, Carles
    2022IoT Monitoring to Control a Bicycle Parking LotRuales Martínez, María Belén; Lara-Álvarez, Patricio; Riba, Carles; Ayala-Chauvin, Manuel
    2021Lifecycle assessment of electricity generation transition in ecuadorAyala-Chauvin, Manuel; Samaniego-Ojeda, Carlos; Riba, Genis; Maldonado-Correa, Jorge
    2022Low-Cost Energy Consumption Monitoring System Using NodeMCUAyala-Chauvin, Manuel; Acurio-Pérez, Joel Andrés; Sanmartí, Genis; Buele, Jorge
    2022Predicting Academic Performance in Mathematics Using Machine Learning AlgorithmsEspinosa-Pinos, Carlos; Ayala-Chauvin, Manuel; Buele, Jorge
    2022PrefaceAyala-Chauvin, Manuel; Botto-Tobar, Miguel; Díaz Cadena, Angela; Montes León, Sergio
    2022Prevention of Failures in the Footwear Production Process by Applying Machine LearningTierra-Arévalo, José; Ayala-Chauvin, Manuel; Nacevilla, Carmen; De la Fuente-Morato, Albert
    2020Radar system for the reconstruction of 3D Objects: A preliminary studyBarberán, Jeneffer; Obregón, Ginna; Moreta, Darwin; Ayala-Chauvin, Manuel; Obregón, Javier; Domínguez, Rodrigo; Buele, Jorge
    2021Static reactive power compensator design, based on three-phase voltage converterAyala-Chauvin, Manuel; Kavrakov, Bahodurjon; Buele, Jorge; Varela-Aldás, José
    2021System for Monitoring and Controlling Industrial Lighting with Amazon AlexaAyala-Chauvin, Manuel; Saá, Fernando; Villarroel-Córdova, Fernando; De la Fuente-Morato, Albert