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Title: A FlexSim-Based Approach to Efficient Layout Planning for a Tire Company
Authors: Reyes, Juan
López, Xavier
Portero, Xavier
López, Wilson
García, Marcelo
Naranjo, José
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems. Volume 678 LNNS, Pages 532 - 542. International Conference on Computer Science, Electronics, and Industrial Engineering, CSEI 2022
Abstract: Plant layout is an issue that is not considered at the industrial level, so the physical construction of the facilities is done empirically and with designs adjusted to existing physical spaces. This research focuses on the analysis and design of industrial facilities. Several methodologies were used, considering the human factor, distances, and spaces. An approach was chosen that guarantees the reduction of transportation, changing the physical layout of the facilities, reducing the obstruction, and directly influencing the generation of unnecessary and unproductive time. FlexSim software was used for the simulation of the current marketing process flow and the proposal. The following results were observed, an increase in productivity of 400% and a need to reduce from five workers to one. In addition, using the plant layout software for production and operations management, quantitative methods POM-QM, and new work areas were established, which decreased transitions and transportation distance by 35.67%.
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