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    Title: La justicia indígena en el marco normativo para la administración de justicia. Estudio de caso: Análisis del procedimiento aplicado en el caso de muerte en la comunidad de Sanancahuan, Provincia de Chimborazo
    Other Titles: Trabajo de investigación previo a la obtención del título de Magister en Derecho Procesal mención Penal
    Authors: Basurto Amancha, María Fernanda
    Chafla Chimbolema, Aníbal Orlando
    Keywords: Indigenous
    in its own right
    Issue Date: May-2016
    Publisher: Ambato: Universidad Tecnológica Indoamerica
    Abstract: Indigenous justice in the regulatory framework for the administration of justice. Case Study: Analysis of the procedure applied in the case of death in the community of Sanancahuan, Chimborazo Province. The purpose of the study is to understand the process of applying indigenous justice in communities systematize information and structure a methodological guide application, in order to strengthen him, because we can not let them try to ignore or minimize cultural wealth ancient of our ancestors who persist in our indigenous communities. Case study can indicate that there are the following steps: Willachina refers to the complaint; Tapuykuna Research is in charge of the commission; Chimbapurana refers to Careo or version of those involved; Killpichirina is the decision of the assembly. In this research the method used, is analytical inductive; the type of research is descriptive, explanatory, propositional; the design of the research is documentary field; techniques and instruments used for data collection are observation, the survey. As results of the process of indigenous justice is identified, but to complement a methodological guide that will illustrate the communities that will fit them to their realities arises. In conclusion we find that the citizens of indigenous communities in the province of Chimborazo, almost unanimously indicate that he does not trust ordinary justice; applying indigenous justice according to their customs and traditions parties are satisfied and the community in harmony; the application of the whip, nettle, bathing in indigenous justice, not mean more punishment on the other hand have a meaning correction, purification, healing.
    URI: http://repositorio.uti.edu.ec//handle/123456789/168
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