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    Title: Erratum: Avian haemosporidian infections in rufous-collared sparrows in an Andean dry forest: diversity and factors related to prevalence and parasitaemia (Parasitology (2022) DOI: 10.1017/S0031182018002081)
    Authors: Cadena-Ortiz, Héctor
    Mantilla, Juan
    Rivero de Aguilar, Juan
    Flores, Diana
    Bahamonde, Daniela
    Matta, Nubia
    Bonaccorso, Elisa
    Issue Date: 2022
    Publisher: Parasitology. Open Access. Volume 149, Issue 11, Pages 1521 - 1522
    Abstract: The following error in Table 1 has come to the authors’ attention: Current information: BAEBIC02 (GenBank: KF537291) Correct information: BAEBIC02 (GenBank: KF537287) The corrected version of the Table is shown below, with the corrected information in bold: (Table presented) In addition, Figure 2 also contains errors: Current information: P. homopolare KF537281 ZOCAP11 BAEBIC02; P. homopolare KF537291 ZOCAP12 BAEBIC02 (grey shading) Correct information: P. homopolare KF537287 BAEBIC02; P. homopolare KF537291 ZOCAP12 (no grey shading, because this lineage was not found in the authors’ sample). The corrected version is shown below: Finally, throughout the manuscript, ZOCAP15 should read ZONCAP15. (Figure presented).
    URI: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35920314/
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