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    dc.contributor.authorGuayasamín, Juan-
    dc.contributor.authorCisneros-Heredia, Diego-
    dc.contributor.authorMaynard, Ross-
    dc.contributor.authorLynch, Ryan-
    dc.contributor.authorCulebras, Jaime-
    dc.contributor.authorHamilton, Paúl-
    dc.description.abstractHyalinobatrachium is a behaviorally and morphologically conserved genus of Neotropical anurans, with several pending taxonomic problems. Using morphology, vocalizations, and DNA, a new species from the Amazonian lowlands of Ecuador is described and illustrated. The new species, Hyalinobatrachium yaku sp. n., is differentiated from all other congenerics by having small, middorsal, dark green spots on the head and dorsum, a transparent pericardium, and a tonal call that lasts 0.27–0.4 s, with a dominant frequency of 5219.3–5329.6 Hz. Also, a mitochondrial phylogeny for the genus is presented that contains the new species, which is inferred as sister to H. pellucidum. Conservation threats to H. yaku sp. n. include habitat destruction and/or pollution mainly because of oil and mining activities. © Juan M. Guayasamin et al.es
    dc.publisherZooKeys. Volume 2017, Issue 673, Pages 1 - 20es
    dc.titleA marvelous new glassfrog (Centrolenidae, Hyalinobatrachium) from Amazonian Ecuadores
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