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    Title: Systematics of south american snail-eating snakes (Serpentes, dipsadini), with the description of five new species from ecuador and peru
    Authors: Arteaga, Alejando
    Salazar-Valenzuela, David
    Mebert, Konrad
    Peñafiel, Nicolás
    Aguiar, Gabriela
    Sánchez-Nivicela, Juan
    Alexander, Pyron
    Colston, Timothy
    Cisneros-Heredia, Diego
    Yánez-Muñoz, Mario
    Venegas, Pablo
    Guayasamín, Juan
    Torres-Carvajal, Omar
    Issue Date: 2018
    Publisher: ZooKeys. Volume 2018, Issue 766, Pages 79 - 147
    Abstract: A molecular phylogeny of the Neotropical snail-eating snakes (tribe Dipsadini) is presented including 43 (24 for the first time) of the 77 species, sampled for both nuclear and mitochondrial genes. Morphological and phylogenetic support was found for four new species of Dipsas and one of Sibon, which are described here based on their unique combination of molecular, meristic, and color pattern characteristics. Sibynomorphus is designated as a junior subjective synonym of Dipsas. Dipsas latifrontalis and D. palmeri are resurrected from the synonymy of D. peruana. Dipsas latifasciata is transferred from the synonymy of D. peruana to the synonymy of D. palmeri. A new name, D. jamespetersi, is erected for the taxon currently known as Sibynomorphus petersi. Re-descriptions of D. latifrontalis and D. peruana are presented, as well as the first photographic voucher of an adult specimen of D. latifrontalis, along with photographs of all known Ecuadorian Dipsadini species. The first country record of D. variegata in Ecuador is provided and D. oligozonata removed from the list of Peruvian herpetofauna. With these changes, the number of Dipsadini reported in Ecuador increases to 22, 18 species of Dipsas and four of Sibon. © 2018, Pensoft Publishers. All rights reserved.
    URI: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29942172
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