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    Title: Relationship Between Technological Resources and Meaningful Learning in Secondary Students
    Authors: Bonilla-Guachamín, Johanna
    Jadán-Guerrero, Janio
    Rojas-Londoño, David
    Ramos-Galarza, Carlos
    Issue Date: 2021
    Publisher: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. Volume 1269 AISC, Pages 198 - 202. 3rd International Conference on Human Systems Engineering and Design: Future Trends and Applications, IHSED 2020. Pula. 22 September 2020 through 24 September 2020
    Abstract: Technological resources have as a goal to facilitate knowledge acquisition, storage, and use, to achieve the results proposed in the teaching-learning process and to obtain meaningful learning. The research proposed as following is based on a correlational methodology, which is oriented towards the improvement of the teaching-learning process and has as aim, to study the relationship between technological resources and meaningful learning of students belonging to high-school level. Results obtained are as following: (a) higher availability of technological resources produce an increase of knowledge acquisition (r = 0.42, p =< 0.001) and (b) while there is higher scientific literature available, students’ skills will be higher too (r = 0.53, p =< 0.001)
    URI: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-030-58282-1_32
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