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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2011Bucklandiella araucana (Grimmiaceae), a new species from ChileLarraín, Juan; Quandt, Dietmar; Muñoz, Jesús
    2012Common but new: Bartramia rosamrosiae, a "new" widespread species of apple mosses (Bartramiales, Bryophytina) from the Mediterranean and western North AmericaDamayanti, Lia; Muñoz, Jesús; Wicke, Susann; Symmank, Lars; Shaw, Blanka; Frahm, Jan-Peter; Quandt, Dietmar
    2021Functional Diversity in Ferns Is Driven by Species Richness Rather Than by Environmental ConstraintsAros-Mualin, Daniela; Noben, Sarah; Karger, Dirik; Carvajal-Hernández, César; Salazar, Laura; Hernández-Rojas, Adriana; Kluge, Jurgen; Sundue, Michael; Lehnert, Marcus; Quandt, Dietmar; Kessler, Michael
    2013Lumping or splitting? The case of Racomitrium (Bryophytina: Grimmiaceae)Larraín, Juan; Quandt, Dietmar; Stech, Michael; Muñoz, Jesús
    2013Molecular Species Delimitation in the Racomitrium canescens Complex (Grimmiaceae) and Implications for DNA Barcoding of Species Complexes in MossesStech, Michael; Veldman, Sarina; Larraín, Juan; Muñoz, Jesús; Quandt, Dietmar; Hassel, Kristian; Kruijer, Hans
    2012Phylogeny of haplolepideous mosses - Challenges and perspectivesStech, Michael; McDaniel, Stuart; Hernández-Maqueda, Rafael; Ros, Rosa; Werner, Olaf; Muñoz, Jesús; Quandt, Dietmar
    2014The discovery of mature sporophytes of racomitrium laevigatum a.Jaeger (grimmiaceae)Larraín, Juan; Quandt, Dietmar; Muñoz, Jesús
    2011The taxonomic identity of the neglected Racomitrium stenocladum (Bryophyta, Grimmiaceae)Larraín, Juan; Quandt, Dietmar; Muñoz, Jesús