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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2020A Comparison of Heart Rate in Normal Physical Activity vs. Immersive Virtual Reality ExergamesVarela-Aldás, José; Fuentes-Pérez, Esteban; Palacios-Navarro, Guillermo; García-Magariño, Iván
    2021A virtual reality-based cognitive telerehabilitation system for use in the covid-19 pandemicVarela-Aldás, José; Buele, Jorge; Ramos Lorente, Pedro; García-Magariño, Iván; Palacios-Navarro, Guillermo
    2019Effects of immersive virtual reality on the heart rate of athlete’s warm-upVarela-Aldás, José; Palacios-Navarro, Guillermo; García-Magariño, Iván; Fuentes Pérez, Esteban
    2019Fog computing for assisting and tracking elder patients with neurodegenerative diseasesGarcía-Magariño, Iván; Varela-Aldás, José; Palacios-Navarro, Guillermo; Lloret, Jaime
    2020Head-mounted display-based application for cognitive trainingVarela-Aldás, José; Palacios-Navarro, Guillermo; Amariglio, Rebecca; García-Magariño, Iván
    2019Immersive virtual reality app for mild cognitive impairmentVarela-Aldás, José; Palacios-Navarro, Guillermo; García-Magariño, Iván
    2020Immersive virtual reality app to promote healthy eating in childrenFuentes-Pérez, Esteban; Varela-Aldás, José; Palacios-Navarro, Guillermo; García-Magariño, Iván
    2022The cupboard task: An immersive virtual reality-based system for everyday memory assessmentVarela-Aldás, José; Buele, Jorge; Amariglio, Rebecca; García-Magariño, Iván; Palacios-Navarro, Guillermo