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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2018A new (singleton) rainfrog of the Pristimantis myersi Group (Amphibia: Craugastoridae) from the northern Andes of EcuadorGuayasamín, Juan; Arteaga, Alejandro; Hutter, Carl
    2013A new species of the Pristimantis orestes group (Amphibia: Strabomantidae) from the high Andes of Ecuador, Reserva MazarGuayasamín, Juan; Arteaga, Alejandro
    2016A revision and key for the tribe Diaphorolepidini (Serpentes: Dipsadidae) and checklist for the genus SynophisPyron, Alexander; Arteaga, Alejandro; Echeverría, Lourdes; Torres-Carvajal, Omar
    2017Diversification of the rainfrog pristimantis ornatissimus in the lowlands and andean foothills of EcuadorGuayasamín, Juan; Hutter, Carl; Tapia, Elicio; Culebras, Jaime; Peñafiel, Nicolás; Pyron, Alexander; Morochz, Carlos; Funk, Chris; Arteaga, Alejandro
    2015Molecular phylogeny of stream treefrogs (Hylidae: Hyloscirtus bogotensis Group), with a new species from the Andes of EcuadorGuayasamín, Juan; Rivera-Correa, Mauricio; Culebras, Jaime; Bustamante, Lucas; Pyron, Alexander; Peñafiel, Nicolás; Morochz, Carlos; Hutter, Carl; Arteaga, Alejandro
    2018Real-time DNA barcoding in a rainforest using nanopore sequencing: Opportunities for rapid biodiversity assessments and local capacity buildingPomerantz, Aaron; Peñafiel, Nicolás; Arteaga, Alejandro; Bustamante, Lucas; Pichardo, Frank; Coloma, Luis; Barrio-Amorós, César; Salazar-Valenzuela, David; Prost, Stefan
    2015Systematics of nothopsini (Serpentes, Dipsadidae), with a new species of synophis from the pacific andean slopes of southwestern EcuadorPyron, Alexander; Peñafiel, Nicolás; Guayasamín, Juan; Bustamante, Lucas; Arteaga, Alejandro