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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Absorber length optimization of on-chip colliding pulse mode-locked semiconductor laserGordón, Carlos; Cumbajín, Myriam; Carpintero, Guillermo; Bente, Erwin; Javaloyes, Julien
2023Energy Harvesting System with Solar Panels to Supply Low Power Electronic DevicesCumbajín, Myriam; Sánchez, Patricio; Núñez, Maritza; Gordón, Carlos
2018Health and Educational Impacts Reduction Using a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Web SystemDávila, Lenin; Robalino, Freddy; Gordón, Carlos; Cumbajín, Myriam
2023Hybrid Solar-Radiofrequency Energy Harvesting System for Fifth Generation 5G TerminalsGordón, Carlos; Merino, Danny; Cumbajín, Myriam; Peñafiel, Carlos
2023Hybrid Storage System Based on Rectenna and Photovoltaic Cells for Low Power IoT Wireless DevicesCumbajín, Myriam; Valle, Milton; Gordón, Carlos; Peñafiel, Carlos
2019Integration of renewable energies in conventional power systems based on computational reliabilityCumbajín, Myriam; Ramírez, Lourdes; Gordón, Carlos
2021Maneuvers Under Estimation of Human Postures for Autonomous Navigation of Robot KUKA YouBotGordón, Carlos; Barahona, Santiago; Cumbajín, Myriam; Encalada, Patricio
2020Michell-Banki a Promise Turbine for Pico-Hydro in Water Irrigation ChannelIbañez, Lenín; Escobar, Luis; Hidalgo, Andrés; Gordón, Carlos; Cumbajín, Myriam
2023Monitoring System Based on an IoT Platform for an AFPM GeneratorCumbajín, Myriam; Sánchez, Patricio; Ortíz, Oscar; Gordón, Carlos
2020Multi-criteria analysis of turbines for pico-hydro power plant in water irrigation channelCumbajín, Myriam; Sánchez, Patricio; Hidalgo, Andrés; Gordón, Carlos
2020Multiband Broadband Modulator Implementation on Field-Programmable Gate ArrayCastro, Cristhian; Gordón, Carlos; Encalada, Patricio; Cumbajín, Myriam
2022Multiband Microstrip Antennas for Energy Harvesting SystemsGordón, Carlos; Criollo, Walter; Cumbajín, Myriam; Peñafiel, Carlos
2023RF Energy Harvesting System Based on Spiral Logarithmic Dipole Rectenna ArrayCumbajín, Myriam; Sánchez, Patricio; Pillajo, Dario; Gordón, Carlos
2023Smart Antenna Array for Optimal Electromagnetic Energy CaptureCumbajín, Myriam; Sánchez, Patricio; Escobar, Ernesto; Gordón, Carlos
2022Smart IoT Monitoring System for Pico-Hydropower Station Based on Permanent Magnet Generator with Radial FluxCumbajín, Myriam; Sánchez, Patricio; Flores, Estefanía; Gordón, Carlos
2023Solar Panels for Low Power Energy HarvestingNúñez, Maritza; Gordón, Carlos; Sánchez, Clara; Cumbajín, Myriam
2020Suitable electric generator for pico-hydro power plant in ambato–huachi–pelileo water irrigation channelCumbajín, Myriam; Sánchez, Patricio; Hidalgo, Andrés; Gordón, Carlos
2022Wide Band Antennas for Energy HarvestingReinoso, Félix; Gordón, Carlos; Cumbajín, Myriam; Peñafiel, Carlos